Rivertown Dental Excellence

It would be impossible to relate the excellent care we had recently with the build-out of our new dental office in Grandville. Mike, Ann, and especially Joe from Rockford Construction went above and beyond to make this experience and transition an easy one.

To be honest, I went into this project expecting the usual delays associated with contractors. I planned for an opening date that I wasn’t sure I would see, and Rockford Construction did all they could to meet and exceed the needs to get us up-and-running by that date. They came to me if they needed an answer, and otherwise they went about their business and didn’t come to me unnecessarily. That is something that can only be truly appreciated by people who are very busy, and I am certain they conduct business the same way, across the board, with every client every time.

We are now looking ahead to our next project with them, and we fully expect we will see the same awesome relationship we had on this last one.

– Lori Brubaker, CDA, BS, MBA – Director of Operations, Infinity Dental Partners