Practice Transitions – What every buyer must know

Learn what you need to know to protect your interests.




Practice Transitions – Keys to a win/win

Learn what you need to know to make a practice purchase



Practice Transitions – How to get your practice ready

Practices are valued on a number of different factors.
Learn what they are.





Patient Experience – What are you currently doing that you could be doing better?

Most patients move because of you, not the experience.



Reverse Engineer Your Lease to Ownership

If you could own your own facility for the same monthly payment you are paying now, would you be interested?

  • Most dentists with leases paying 20% – 30% over market rates
  • Learn how to own your own building at the same payment
  • With interest rates at an all-time low, this scenario is possible

Ownership is a building block for wealth in the future.  You could –

  • Sell the building with the practice
  • Lease it to an associate for a monthly income
  • Take equity to pay for college
  • Supplement retirement

The options are endless.



 Embezzlement in the Dental Office

  • 40% of Dental Offices experience embezzlement.
  • Learn the signs of embezzlement and techniques to avoid it.

Are YOU in the Perfect Storm?


 Build Your Agenda

Build Your Agenda programs are value packed with attendees gaining knowledge on multiple topics with the convenience of being at the same place at the same time.

The Prosperity Partners Coaches will white board an agenda based on topics and areas of interest from the audience, organize an agenda, and then work though it step by step.

These programs are highly interactive and typically last 3 to 4 hours.

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What’s New with Office Technology & Trouble Free IT Solutions

Learn about the most current technology in……

  • Computer Hardware
  • Cloud Computing
  • Advanced Local & Offsite Combined Software Backup Solutions

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Practice Performance

Maintaining your competitive edge in the dental field is crucial.  So how do you make sure your management systems are up to par, while maintaining your focus on providing a quality service to each of your patients?

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A Roadmap to Transitioning a Dental Practice

The steps required for transitioning a Dental Practice and succession planning.

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Understanding Lease Terms, Negotiations and Incredible Opportunities

Locating, Leases & Negotiating, Designing & Constructing will educate attendees on what they need to know on securing space for their dental practice.

Attendees will leave with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the lease process including finding the right location, lease terms and negotiating the lease, designing and finishing the dental suite, financing improvement and equipment needs.

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Developing an Accurate & Inclusive Project Budget for Your Building Project or Lease Space

Preplanning your project and preventing any missed costs.  The steps required in building your professional building including real estate, financing, preconstruction, construction and understanding total project costs.

Attendees will leave with a thorough understanding of all aspects of what is required to pull together their own project as well as understand the economic benefits derived from it.

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Capitalizing on Opportunities in a Down Market

Interest rates are at an all-time low.  How and when to take advantage of this historical opportunity.

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Cost Segregation

DEPRECIATION ON STERIODS.  Capturing accelerated depreciation to reduce your taxes.

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