Marcos Cid, DDS – 616 Dental Studio

“I have been extremely busy.  You will be happy to know how correct you were about this location.  We have absolutely blown up.  I’m almost as productive as I was in West Virginia.  This far exceeds my expectation for year 1!!!  I really thank you for convincing me to take this leap of faith and finding this location.  I feel that the sky is the limit!”

David Pulgini, DDS

Your company [Rockford Construction] has completed my dental office addition for Commerce Village Dentists. I just wanted to compliment everyone on a job well done…….

All of my concerns were addressed as the project progressed. The management was handled very well by Scott Gort and Ann Zimmer. They both were very professional, understanding of my position, and assured me of a quality job. They were always easy to communicate with and were very friendly. I would definitely recommend them for another project……


Thank you for the good job.
David Pulgini, DDS