Who we are, what we do & how we do it

The Prosperity Partners is a best practices group of experts that educate and guide private practice professionals, primarily DDSs and MDs, on real estate and construction related matters. The Prosperity Partners provides advice, education, and direction on topics such as site selection, site and building design, accurate project budget development, financing, construction, lease negotiations, tax savings through cost segregation, and a host of other important matters.

The Prosperity Partners’ Coaches actively do what they teach, with the average Coach having more than 20 years of experience in their respective disciplines. The Coaches have been keynote speakers for a number of conferences, societies, and groups and host both half- and full-day formal course seminars. All of The Prosperity Partners Coaches are glad to initially discuss at no cost a particular need and help you develop both direction and solutions.

As mentioned, The Prosperity Partners Coaches practice what they teach and through allied firms, Rockford Construction and The Estes Group, they serve their clients’ real estate and construction needs.


Rockford Construction is one of the nation’s largest contractors, building quality and creativity across 44 states. Rockford’s experience ranges from small lease suite remodels to 24-story luxury hotels, and everything in between. With that said, the average size of Rockford’s projects is that of a dental project.

Rockford delivers extraordinary horsepower to small- and medium-sized projects while keeping it personal, with project supervisors and managers taking a personal interest in the success of your project.

Because of Rockford’s vast experience, Rockford at little or no cost can develop an accurate budget for your project, eliminating the need for you to spend money up front on architectural drawings.

Fueled by the referrals of dentists and dental company professionals, Rockford’s dental group continues to be Rockford’s fastest growing division.

Because of Rockford’s dental experience and expertise, one would expect to pay more for that specialized service. However, Rockford’s fees are the most competitive in the industry and Rockford’s projects are competitively bid and open book.

For more information visit: www.rockfordconstruction.com


The Estes Group has been providing select real estate services around the country for many years. Over the years, the large number of dental projects The Estes Group has been involved in has led them to this area of specialization.

Be it finding the right site, lease negotiations, accumulating wealth through ownership, construction, or a host of other matters affecting you and your practice, The Estes Group understands what is required to meet your goals.

Over the years, The Estes Group has grown increasingly more selective with who they represent. A new client typically needs to be referred in by a previous client or known dental professional, banker, lawyer, CPA, etc.

The Estes Group typically charges hourly, participates in a fee arrangement already in a deal such as with a listed property or as percentage of a new project.

For more information visit: www.estesgroup.com